Leader on Loan and Speakers Bureau

Get Support From Your State Leaders

Is your branch experiencing organizational or governance issues or having difficulty securing a speaker to present an AAUW mission based program to your members?  The AAUW-Florida Leader on Loan Program offers support and guidance to branches by providing access to the expertise of current and past state leaders.  This program operates on two tracks:  Leader on Loan is designed for requesting a leader to act as an advisor/consultant to the branch’s leadership and the Speakers Bureau, which is designed for requesting a member of the Speakers Bureau to present a program of general interest to branch members. Take advantage of this valuable resource provided to Florida branches by our volunteer leaders.

Currently the Covid 19 pandemic requires all Leader on Loan services to be provided remotely via Zoom or other available virtual means.

Branches should make requests on or before October 1 for the 2022 – 2023 year.

Guidelines and applicable forms are provided below.