Bylaws and Policies

Do you need to check on when and how elections for state officers are held? How about the duties and responsibilities for each position? Or the responsibilities branch officers have to AAUW Florida? Or what it takes to amend state or branch bylaws?

You’ll find these and many more details about how AAUW Florida operates in the bylaws and policies documents below.


Members approved two amendments to our bylaws that were proposed at our April 2021 annual meeting. Voting opened May 15 online and by paper ballot, and closed June 15. 

  • ARTICLE XVII.  ELECTRONIC MEETINGS – New article to codify action taken during the pandemic to conduct business electronically.
  • ARTICLE X. DUTIES OF OFFICERS, Section 1.c(4) – Revised to reword the duties of the director for development so they are more general and not tied to specific programs.

AAUW-Florida-Bylaws-June 2021