Bylaws and Policies

Do you need to check on when and how elections for state officers are held?  How about the duties and responsibilities for each position?  Or the responsibilities branch officers have to AAUW Florida?  Or what it takes to amend state or branch bylaws?

You’ll find these and many more details about how AAUW Florida operates in the bylaws and policies documents below.


In spring 2023, AAUW members voted overwhelmingly in favor of changes to the national bylaws. Given the nature of changes, all AAUW affiliates will be required to update their bylaws over the next three years.

Branches and states are required to adopt the first seven articles found here.  A full vote of the branch membership is not required to implement national-mandated changes to affiliate bylaws. Affiliates are free to add other articles to their bylaws, but all articles should comply with all state and local law requirements and can in no way conflict with AAUW national or state bylaws and/or policies.

Please remember that all Florida branch bylaws, including mandatory changes, need to be submitted to Florida Bylaws Chair for review and filing with the state. Approved Bylaws will then be submitted to National on behalf of the Branch.

Any questions, email Florida Bylaws Chair, Virginia Farace

AAUW-Florida-Bylaws-Aug 2023


The Operations policies, 100’s section, were revised and approved by the AAUW Florida board in August 2023.   Policy 108 of the Leader on Loan section was deleted but the Speakers Bureau was retained.

100 OPERATIONS Policies – AUG 2023

Policies 200 through 700 are still to be amended.

Policies 200 thru 700 – 2019