Strategic Plan

 Plan provides foundation for 2022-2023 programs

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Our strategic plan for 2022-2023 aligns with the four areas of focus in the AAUW National plan:

 – leadership

 – governance and sustainability

 education and training

 economic security

Each major goal in our plan also has a series of specific actions and responsibilities for accomplishing the goals, along with a timeline and measurement criteria.


Here are the highlights: 


Institute a series of regional workshops to provide a venue for interaction between branches.

Governance and sustainability:

  • Adapt state and branch operations to the roll-out of the AAUW Community Hub.
  • Branches will support the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund.
  • Assure state and branches adopt accepted record-keeping and archival practices.
  • Foster enhancement of governance principles for branches.
  • Actively explore adoption of an on-line branch.
  • Uphold fiduciary responsibilities.

Education and training:

  • Establish an education committee and appoint an education chair.
  • Provide resources to branches on the development of mission-based programs.
  • Help support AAUW Florida supporting foundation’s Tech Trek project to ensure its continued success.
  • Provide diversity, equity and inclusion programs to promote increased understanding of DEI concepts.

Public policy and economic security:

  • Conduct 2022 GOTV campaign.
  • Promote AAUW’s Two-Minute Activist.
  • Establish AAUW Florida’s legislative agenda.
  • Conduct Lobby Days.
  • Promote Work Smart/Start Smart.
  • Promote Equal Pay Days.