Ideas from Florida branches

Want to raise money for your branch? Tech Trek? AAUW Funds? 

Here are some ideas that have worked for other Florida branches.  Contact the branches for details and support. Good luck!  

Gold and silver buying event.  This event was held in 2019 and raised $2,800 with only 10 members participating.  It is an easy event and does not require much space, plus only light refreshments are necessary.  The event entailed bringing in a woman to assess and make offers to buy platinum, gold and silver from members and any friends they brought to the event. She paid 75% of the buying price to the members and 25% to the Branch and gave the Branch another 10%.  Her offered prices were higher than most jewelry stores offer and some members donated the whole amount to the Branch.  People show up at different times during the advertised window of about three hours.  For Branches with seasonal members, one of the keys is to encourage members to pack up their unwanted precious metal items and bring them south when they return.                                                                AAUW Greater Naples Branch                                                                                                                    Laura Candris, President (  

Vinos & Views events.  Last season, the Greater Naples Branch Foundation held two Vinos & Views events, one in January and another in early May, which together raised $4,800 for our Local Scholarship Program. These events were held in members’ homes in the early evening hours.  A home with a view is a special draw! Members donated the food and wine and procured silent auction items, primarily gift certificates, but also some other things, like jewelry with semi-precious stones, and art. We also solicited goodwill donations.  Because everything was donated, we were able to keep the ticket price down to $35. About half of the proceeds were generated by silent auction sales. These events were attended by members and some spouses and friends. We had about 40 attendees per event.  Aside from fundraising, these events provided welcome opportunities for members to socialize.                                                                                                                                                            AAUW Greater Naples Branch                                                                                                                    Laura Candris, President (

Talks & Tours.  Each season, our VP/Programs arranges two or three outings with lunch for members to places of interest, such as the Supervisor of Elections, the local technical college, a local art museum.  Members attending these events pay a small fee above the cost of the outing.  These events are good for member development and fundraising.                                                                          AAUW Greater Naples Branch                                                                                                                      Laura Candris, President (

Time, Talent and Treasures.  This fundraiser raises over $10,000 each year.  We have three lovely venues on the island to hold our event and are able to keep the ticket price under $50.  We make a few dollars from every ticket. We have a silent auction with about 100 items that raises about half the money.  For this, members and friends donate items like décor, kitchenware, dishes, pocketbooks and, a favorite, jewelry.  We make baskets with smaller items and give each a theme. (We don’t cover them in plastic since items are moved from basket to basket at the last minute!)  After the silent auction there is a live auction with about 10 items.  Most of them are dinner parties.  What fun to buy a fancy dinner at the auction, gather friends to bid on it, and have a dinner party that helps a young woman succeed.  We have themed dinners like Italian, Greek or  French.  They are multi course and a small group of members and often their friends contribute their homemade specialties to the dinner.  They are amazing and go from $300 to $900 for 10 guests.   We are a group of about 70 older women and one big event is all we can handle;  several smaller events would be too much.                                AAUW Marco Island                                                                                                                                Lynn Tuttle, Director of Development (

Bites and Bytes.  Our first Tech Trek fundraiser was a late afternoon tea/cocktail party.  No one drank tea and we raised more than $2,500. We invited members and friends to share a glass of wine and have a bite to eat and hear about our summer camp for girls interested in bytes. Our Tech Trek coordinator spoke and a few members also spoke to give people an idea of the impact of their donation. While this first event was mostly members, our goal is to begin to solicit funds from people outside our membership.                                                                                                                                  AAUW Sarasota                                                                                                                                                Ellen Roche (

Food and Fundraising.  Instead of raising dues, we treat ourselves to brunch and raise funds from a white elephant sale.  We raised over $1,700 the year. Members donate new or like new decorative/useful household items, purchased gift cards for restaurants, bottles of wine, themed gift baskets, culinary contributions, jewelry, lessons and services – anything of value. We enjoy the event and keep our dues low to encourage membership.                                                                                      AAUW Sarasota                                                                                                                                              Ellen Roche (

Lunafest.  St. Augustine Branch held their first Lunafest, a one-evening film festival of films by and about women in September, 2019.  The branch made approximately $6,000 in sponsorships, ticketing, raffle items with less than $800 in expenses. The makers of Lunabars offer this opportunity for women filmmakers to get exposed to new audiences. Non-profits hold the festival with the provided films which come with a toolkit for $300 donation in addition to ticketing through Eventbrite.  Members provided dessert items for an intermission event in addition to soliciting raffle items and swag bags for each participant. We partnered with an art theater’s foundation to have low cost access to the theater, so they received some of the profits. Different film line-up each year. See                                                                                                                                                      AAUW St. Augustine                                                                                                                                      Karen Zalkin (

Turn Out for Tech Trek – Eat, Socialize and Raise MoneyCreate your own event to raise money for Tech Trek.   Click here for more ideas on how to get started.                                                  AAUW Florida                                                                                                                                                    Ellen Roche (