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2022-2033 DEI Dialogs #2 Intersectionality of Dance as a Universal Language with Alexandria Davis Alexandria Davis, teaching artist, choreographer and Screendance maker, shares becoming and teaching being one’s authentic self in dance. She is a native of Gainesville, Florida. 01/14/23 50:45
2022-2023 DEI Dialogs #1 Transgender Dynamics in the Workplace with Gina Duncan Gina Duncan, Central Florida Diversity and Development Director, Equality of Florida, discusses transgender and general gender diversity issues. Her background of corporate consulting informs her presentation. 11/12/22 58:55
Interview With 2021 Named Gift Award Winner Director for Development Ellen Roche interviews Karen Zalkin, the winner of the 2021 Named Gift Award. 04/22/22 18:40
2022 AAUW Florida State Convention, The Power of Story, and the 2022 Annual Meeting (Showcase) Online Annual Convention with intro session, keynote with Michael Butler, PhD of Flagler College and sessions illustrating: How stories shape our lives and beliefs and those of others; How to tell a true from a false story; AAUW’s story and how it has changed; How to tell our story. 04/01/22 through 04/03/22
NSU 2022 E-STEAM Project The Nova Southeastern AAUW branch describes its year-long project to encourage girls to consider STEAM careers. 04/03/22 4:52
Dr. Mary Gatta: The Power of Story in Qualitative Research Dr. Gatta discusses the importance of using qualitative research to influence Public Policy. 04/03/22 49:42
Mary Hickey, AAUW: “Telling the AAUW Story” (starts at the beginning) Natalie, Underberg-Goode, PhD: “The Stories We Tell: Personal Narratives, Organizational Tales, and Digital Storytelling” (starts at 1:05) Mary Hickey, Senior Director for Communication for AAUW National, shares how stories are used by national to advance its mission and how we can tell our stories to communicate and inspire our membership. / Natalie Underberg-Goode, Professor at the Nicholson School of Communication and Media at UCF discusses her project based on four Zoom focus group sessions with AAUW members – Telling the Story of AAUW FL Through Personal Narratives 04/02/22 2:11:31
2022 AAUW Florida State Convention – Keynote Speaker:Michael Butler, PhD: “Myth, Memory , and the Power of Story” Dr. Butler, Kenan Distinguished Professor of History, Flagler College discusses How the Lost Cause Story of the Confederacy Has been Perpetuated – the story of his involvement with St. Augustine’s Confederate Monument’s Contextualization. 04/01/22 1:37:18
DEI Dialogues #6 The Influence of Culture on Perception of Self in Girls and Young Women.
Dr. Jacque Jacobs, retired full professor from Western Carolina University where she was Department Head in Educational Leadership and Foundations, shares her research on such topics as the impact of self-perception of girls and young women and the implications for their development into leaders. 03/12/22 1:05:36
DEI Dialogues #5 Florida’s History of Racism Andrew Sorbo, a retired History Teacher and Principal, talks about the history of racism in Florida.  Andrew is an Art Collector and has Artifacts dating back to 1500 BC. He is a facilitator of Social and Racial Justice workshops, including the 1619 Project and African Civilizations. 02/12/22 55:36
DEI Dialogues #4 Diversity and Inclusion in Religion Dr. Lucinda Mosher, faculty associate in Interreligious Studies and senior scholar for Executive and Professional Education at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, discusses the diversity of religions in Florida and how we may engage with one’s own faith and the beliefs of others. 01/08/22 58:11
DEI Dialogues #3 Diversity vs. Inclusion Jonnie Mae Perry, state DEI chair, hosts a discussion about the difference between diversity and inclusion, followed by discussion from seven other AAUW Florida members. 12/11/21 48:01
DEI Dialogues #2 Microaggressions Johnnie Perry, state DEI Chair, moderates a discussion focusing on how to identify and avoid micro-aggressions in our actions and language. 11/13/21 55:28
DEI Dialogues #1 Implicit Bias Moderator Johnnie Perry, AAUW FL Diversity Chair, discusses how to recognize unconscious biases within ourselves. 10/09/21 58:22
AAUW Florida Leadership Conference 2021 Online Leadership Conference with intro session, keynote with Janet Petro of NASA, and sessions devoted to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Women’s Economic Security; and Branch Successes. 04/16/21 thru 4/18/21
Tech Trek 2021 AAUW FL Tech Trek. What’s Happening July 19-23? Patricia Ross, Co-Director for Communication, interviews Sue Slone, Tech Trek Coordinator 01/23/21 14:25
“Hard Done – Not Won” a Conversation A lively exchange of facts and ideas addressing the 100 year anniversary of women having the right to vote and important outcomes of the three research projects on womens’ economic security sponsored by AAUW-FL. Presenter: Kay Lee-Smith, PhD, AAUW-FL Director for Public Policy – Host: Bea Holt, AAUW-FL Director for Programs. 10/12/20 31:52
Linkedin Webinar How to use Social Media to reach your community and potential members. Presenter: Rose Llanos-Almeida, AAUW FL Director for Membership 09/16/20 52:45
AAUW Virtual Program Discussion Bea Holt leads discussion with several branches of AAUW Florida on Programming Virtually. 07/27/20 50:31
Suffrage Lessons Learned Kimble Medley, AAUW Flagler Branch and Women’s Vote Centennial chair for AAUW Florida, presents Lessons Learned from the Suffragists. 06/18/20 58:38
Mary Gatta: Working Black Women in Florida Dr. Mary Gatta reports on her recently completed research, with Jessica Horning, on the economic security of working black women in Florida. 05/21/20 15:00
Strategic Philanthropy Ellen Roche, Director for Development and Linda Barker, committee member, present a new way to analyze your branch’s philanthropy. 05/21/20 46:36