Diversity & Inclusion

Why Diversity Matters

“Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity….”

                                                                                  – Robert Kennedy

  “A diverse and inclusive organization is crucial for expanding, attracting, and maintaining membership. …83 percent of millennials feel that they are actively engaged when they believe the organization fosters an inclusive culture….” 

                                                                        – Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion

Diversity comprises the differences each of us brings to AAUW and its mission. We bring a variety of experiences, styles, perspectives, values, and education as assets. By learning about ourselves and our differences, we can create a more inclusive environment in our branches where all our members feel valued and can contribute fully to AAUW’s mission.  


AAUW seeks to promote inclusion and awareness for all members to create an equitable, sustainable and inclusive membership reflective of today’s world.

AAUW is dedicated to helping members become more comfortable sharing their perspectives outside of diversity trainings and to address diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of their work and lives. We seek to encourage ongoing dialogue that will inspire members to bring these values to their personal and professional interactions. Within AAUW, our goal is to turn these conversations into actionable goals and strategies for each branch.


Both AAUW Florida and AAUW National have developed resources you and your branch can use to expand your knowledge; identify best practices to promote diversity, equity and inclusion; and find ways to take action.

  • DEI Dialogues, a series of videos from AAUW Florida in which participants share perspectives and which are aimed at inspiring them to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of their work and lives. 
  • A collection of suggested readings, films, and historical facts about diverse communities aims to broaden our knowledge and understanding. Additions and comments are welcome, as we build a list of resources on the AAUW Florida website. Email, AAUW Florida, Diversity and Inclusion Committee chair. 
  • AAUW National’s new Diversity Toolkit identifies best practices and guidance for branches to incorporate and promote diversity, equity and inclusion within AAUW.