Lobby Days

                                          Lobby Days 2024                                               Members Shared Our Mission in Tallahassee

AAUW FL Co-Director for Public Policy, Pat DeWitt, and a group of AAUW FL members spent January 15 – 17 in Tallahassee for Lobby Days!  We carried our message to our own legislators and visited supportive legislators with thanks and enjoyed dinner together. The Naples, Vero Beach, Gainesville, Palm Beach and Jacksonville branches were represented.

AAUW FL Delegation at Lobby Days 2024

Rose Llanos with Leisa Wiseman and FL lobby members

FL AAUW Lobby Members with Representative Eskamani

Ensure legislators understand AAUW issues

Meeting with legislators is an effective and exciting way to make sure they understand AAUW positions on our priority issues. And there’s strength in numbers. That’s why AAUW Florida sponsors Lobby Days each year, encouraging branches throughout the state to participate. 

The pandemic meant scheduling visits virtually in 2021 and 2022. But in 2023, we were back in person in Tallahassee, March 13-15, near the start of the legislative session. Branches represented were Tampa, St. Augustine, Venice, New Smyrna Beach, and Jacksonville.  An AAUW Florida State member also participated.  

Our public policy committee selects priority legislation each year and publishes talking points for attendees, and conduct training sessions.  Priorities for 2023 were economic security, education and civil rights. Read a summary of priority legislation here. Click each item in the list below to read talking points for specific legislation.

Continue to advocate for gender equity

Lobby Days are over till next year, but that doesn’t mean advocacy efforts should end. In preparation for attending Lobby Day, participants did their homework. You can use the same preparations and get in touch with your legislators any time. You don’t have to wait till next year’s Lobby Days. 

  • Identify your legislators, and call or email them or their legislative aides to arrange meetings.   
  • Review our positions for the top priority bills on our 2023 legislative agenda and talking points.
  • Review the AAUW Public Policy Advocacy Toolkit for tips on meetings with legislators, and more.
  • Give legislators information about AAUW when you contact them. The state public policy committee will provide guidance.    
  • Sign up to be a Two-Minute Activist.    
  • Review AAUW Quick Facts.