2024 Annual Meeting

                                   JOIN your Fellow AAUW                                            State Members at our Annual Meeting Gathering!

May 16 at 6:00 pm


                        Everyone will need to complete a pre-registration form in order to receive                 

a personalized zoom link to the meeting.

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Scan the QR Code to access the registration form:

Our bylaws require that we hold an annual meeting to elect officers, hear reports from state leaders, and conduct other official business.

We must meet a quorum, with at least 40 percent of branches and five percent of members represented. You’ll get a picture of the many projects and activities that are helping in reaching a goal of equity for women and girls.

Election of officers

We’ll choose directors for membership, communications, and secretary who will take office July 1. Those are the officers elected in even-numbered years.

Officers serve for a two-year term that starts on July 1. Co-directors may serve for a position, but have only one vote on the board.

Learn more about the candidates put forward by this year’s nominating committee in the Spring 2024 issue of AAUW Florida’s floriVision newsletter.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. Those candidates will briefly state their qualifications in lieu of a written candidate vita form.

If there is but one candidate or co-candidate for a position, the election may be by acclamation. Any contested offices will be by electronic ballot as outlined in the One Member One Vote policy.

Annual reports

We’ll also hear annual reports from current elected officers. Reports from our AAUW Florida Supporting Foundation, Tech Trek, and the AAUW FL Bylaws and Resolutions Committee are also on the agenda. There are no bylaw amendments to be voted on and none may be proposed at the annual meeting.

New nominating committee

Nominations from the floor will be needed for the election at the meeting to fill three slots for next year’s nominating committee. The members elected will join two members chosen by the AAUW FL board.

The consent of nominees must be obtained first. And they must have been AAUW Florida members for at least three years. A branch cannot be represented on the committee for two consecutive years.  So, Palm Beach County, Sarasota, Saint Augustine, Sun City Center, Tampa and Weston are ineligible this year.

Town Hall

Once official business has ended, we will convene a Town Hall with a speaker from AAUW National who will give updates and answer your questions.