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Looking for a form? Want to see videos you can use at a branch meeting? Or add to your own knowledge? How about registering for a Zoom training sessions?  Or getting up-dates from AAUW National on timely issues?

In this section of our website, you’ll find information on:

On the AAUW National website, you’ll learn about:

  • Membership Matters news hub for leaders. Resources on a broad range of topics for all state and branch leaders – updates on the Five-Star Recognition program; branch success stories; COVID-19 issues; and other timely issues. Sign up to get the newsletter. 
  • AAUW history. Learn how the organization began in 1881. Get highlights of advocacy efforts and research. Read about AAUW Heroes. 
  • AAUW fellowships and grants. AAUW is one of the largest funders of women’s graduate educagtion. Current opportunities include American Fellowships: Career Development Grants;  Community Action Grants; International Fellowships;  International Project Grants;  Research Publication Grant in engineering, medicine, and science; and Selected Professions Fellowships.