State Convention

2018 Convention highlights -Sarasota, Florida

2017 State Convention Highlights-Hyatt Sarasota——————————-

Sunday –The Board Meeting kicked off the event, followed by registration of conference participants and branches.



Tech Trek Scholarship Award Winner presented to group, sharing her experiences at Tech Trek Stem camp and was given special honors.




Monday – Monday hosted a full-day of morning and afternoon networking, education and training. Conference guest speaker was Sonia Garcia, Education Advocate Initiative and Joanna Amberger, AAUW National, Washington D.C. Available workshops included:

Finance and Membership Perfect Together: Facilitator Jacqueline D’Alessio, Director for Programs AAUW-FL This interactive workshop provided stakeholders with a greater understanding of the membership process: Treasurer Nancy Pura, Membership Co-Chair Maria Barbosa, Diversity Chair Synthia Fletcher, and Venice Membership Assistant Paula Dulski to provided a Q & A to allow branch participants to share solutions on sustaining healthy branches.

Nut and Bolts of Branch Leadership: Patricia Ross, President Daytona Beach Branch       Sometimes branch leadership can be confusing.  It takes lots of large and small parts to build a successful branch!  Participant gained information on the latest updates on strategic planning, bylaws, membership, fundraising and programs from state and branch leaders who have exciting, pre-tested suggestions to help build your branch.

Get Out On the Town: Pat DeWitt, Director for Public Policy AAUW-FL In the Public Policy workshop three recipients of Impact Grant regrants shared information about their projects and taking the AAUW message to the community at large.

STEM Initiatives – Girls and Branches Reap Tangible Benefits and Your Branch Can Too: Laura Adolfie, STEM Chair AAUW-FL Through a variety of STEM initiatives, AAUW-FL branches are able to connect with GIRLS, parents, teachers, businesses, local governments, and other nonprofits.  These connections have led to raising awareness of AAUW’s mission, programs, and highly talented members. Branches learned tips on increasing membership and formed important and impactful alliances in their local communities through engaging and supporting various STEM initiatives and how STEM initiatives may lead to increasing skills and confidence and influencing education and career choices in STEM fields.